Competent People

Competent people are skilled at influencing and open to being influenced.

A competent person is able to notice habits and to determine which work and which do not.

A competent person notices when a once useful habit begins making trouble.

Competent people realize that habits are ways of organizing life, and not truths.

Competent people know how to accept the power of the habit, rather than making themselves miserable by trying and failing over and over again to do something different.

Competent people understand that because they are good at some things, they are probably not good at others.

Competent people know how to develop new and different ways of being in the world.

A competent person knows how to establish trust and get respect, what we call intimacy, and how to get others to follow, what we call strategy.

A competent person is willing to talk to, and listen to, other people who are different.

A competent person is in touch with both thoughts and emotions and is able to think and feel before acting.

Competent people know when to say yes and when to say no, when to turn away and when to enter experience.

Competent people are able to choose the awareness that has current relevance and possibilities; the ones that we can do something about.

Competent people have a range of movement from beginning to middle to end, depending on whom they are with and the context in which they find themselves.

A competent person knows that most things are ordinary, and that the next day will bring new mishaps. And, every once in a while, we have a perfect day.