Coaching and consulting for entrepreneurs and executives looking to raise their game.


I work with owners, entrepreneurs, and executives who desire to learn and grow their roles as leaders and managers of people.


Our work focuses on what gets you out of bed in the morning and what keeps you up at night. Your goals and aspirations, your hopes and dreams; the full human experience.

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Some of the most common challenges my clients face include:

  • Transitioning from maker to manager

  • Managing team dynamics, especially during rapid change

  • Resolving conflicts at the executive/ownership level

  • Learning to delegate better and become more decisive

  • Honing leadership instincts and developing authentic leadership strategies

  • Building a great company culture

The Outcomes of our work together:

  • Clarity on business or organizational goals and objectives

  • Defining individual roles and responsibilities

  • Articulating clear priorities and developing the plans to accomplish them

  • Running effective one to one and team meetings

  • Giving and receiving feedback, conducting employee reviews, hiring intelligently, helping under-performers move on from the organization — and doing so with honesty and compassion

A typical coaching engagement is:

  • Six months in length

  • Includes two 60 – 90 minute sessions per month, with follow up support by email and phone

Coaching sessions are a mixture of:

  • Theme-based didactic learning

  • Experiential learning through situational role plays

  • Real-time coaching

  • Business development strategies.

Getting Started

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