My first serious work was as a teacher of young children in a first through third grade public school classroom in Burlington, Vermont. Teaching was an act of great creativity and a special time in my life.

When I began working as a coach in the mid 1990’s I knew that twenty years later, I had returned to my first work and first love. Coaching is very much its own thing, but a good coach is a good teacher.

Now, many years into my coaching career, I am formally teaching again, sharing my knowledge and experience with those interested in learning the craft and art of coaching. I tailor one to one and small group learning based upon a rigorous core curriculum designed to fit students’ time and budget constraints. The teaching is individualized and geared towards a student’s personal and professional goals.


  • Foundational Gestalt Theory and Concept including:

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Development of authentic Presence and one’s unique voice

  • Practice of Self as Instrument.

  • The SCARF Neuroscience Model

  • Organizational Development; the basics.

  • Practical, street-smart ways to develop and create work, market oneself and build a sustainable business.

How it Works?

A typical engagement would be for six months and include two 90 – 120 minute sessions per month. Sessions are a mixture of a.) theme-based didactic learning, b.) experiential learning through situational role plays, c.) real-time coaching, d.) business development strategies. The process is supported with follow-up emails and phone check-in’s.

If such a course of study is of interest be in touch for a conversation.